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At Steve's Dent Repair, you will get a better alternative to overwhelming and exorbitant body work. We can help you make your car as good as new without employing conventional techniques including sanding, paint or body filter. Our solutions help you maintain your car in a good shape that too within your means.
Taking your car to a body shop for repair can be really expensive. We offer timely removal of small and medium sized dents at a fraction of cost of the body shop repairs. Moreover, we provide our exceptional expertise to the Great Apple and its suburbs. If you think your car is indented beyond repair, contact us. For more information, visit our services section. If you need an emergency service response, send the photo of the damage to 347-744-0708.
You will save money. You can sit back and relax, as your car is in the safe hands. We don't use conventional dent removal techniques that may damage your car.
Our lifetime guaranteed service will save you from the hassle of searching another repair service. You can call us anytime you need and we will be at your service every time you damage your car. SAME DAY SERVICE We make sure to provide you a timely service, so that you get your vehicle back on the same day. Most of our repairs take less than an hour to be completed.
Our services offered at a competitively low price and will amaze you. At our facility, we guide you through the charges in accordance with the extent of damage.
We only charge, when you get the finesse you expect. You don't need to pay, if the repair doesn't meet your specification.
We understand the affection you have for your car. You cannot let it be ruined by inexperienced repairers. Being state licensed, our technicians offer finesse of the highest standards to ensure absolute peace of mind.
STEVE'S PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR is Headquartered in Great Neck, NY Serving Nassau, Suffolk & Queens.

paintless dent


Removing the excavated dent from the vehicles without utilizing filling materials or repaint job is called as Paintless repair, which is largely uttered as PDR also. Ordinary metallic objects don't come with memory in their shape but contemporary vehicles come up with the shape memory which helps repairer to bring back the damaged area in its pre-dent shape. It is not as easy as it sounds, obviously is demands state of the art expertise to get the seamless finish. Craftily carved results ask for extensive experience comprises upon years. Deep digging the same matter gives an insight that shaped memory works when molecules stretch themselves in elasticity and come back at their place due to the same elasticity.

We at Steves Dent Repair understand profoundly this trick and practice it to bring you come across your desired results. With a master touch like a make-up artist we unfold the delicate expertise to bring back your beloved vehicle into its previous shape. The best part is that even you will not be able to locate that dent after we will repair it for you. The class of our highly skilled and passionately eager professionals paves the way for wonders to happen. People leave us with a jubilant feel and smile on their faces which are our eventual reward. Paintless Dent Repair in Long Island has never been understood better than we do which enables us to make you fell in love with your damaged vehicle once again.

We have a sparkling track record of repairing dents due to hail stones, storms, caressing damages occur in parking lots and due to accidents. Paintless Dent Repair in Queens has been acknowledged as the lesser expensive but more effective repair method. It also saves you from the panic of paint mismatch issues. We are professionally skilled enough to restore the actual finish of your vehicle in a proficient manner.

If you are looking to get the full value of your time and money without compromising upon the quality you require, then we are your decisive choice. Yours well deserved and desired results are just a call away.