Top-Notch Paint
Protection Services

Though car paint protection is optional yet it is extremely additional to your loved vehicle. Being a leading Denting repairing service provider, Steve also offers the best car paint protection solutions that will protect your car from dust or any scratch. We offer different types of paint protection solutions to our customers including wax paint protection, synthetic paints along with ceramic coating that will fulfil the purpose of both appearance and functionality.

We offer different types of paint protection services of varying ranges as follows:


Wax Protection

We offer traditional wax protection to our customers. For a greater look and finishes, we prepare a specialized solution by blending industrial wax with oils and sealants.


Synthetic Paints

Our synthetic paint service for the car is in high demand among the customers in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Long Island. It is mainly famous for offering a mirror-like shine to cars.


Ceramic Coating

We are the best in providing ceramic coating service to our customers. We have thousands of satisfied customers as our ceramic coating offers them the best all-in-one paint protection solution.