What are Different Car Dent Types, and How to Repair Them?

A newly purchased car or your favorite old one can get any type of dent. If you argue that you are a safe driver, you can’t avoid pine cones and hailstorms falling on your car. Your car may also get a dent in the parking lot or get hit in traffic by a careless driver. Unaware of the situation, you may think that your car is not vulnerable to dents. Suddenly, if your car gets a dent, you will have no clue how to repair it. If you possess some titbits about dents, it will benefit you in many ways.

With the help of the below points, you can update the information about dents and the ways to repair them-

  1. Swage dent

Swage dents are the sharp dents that mainly occur on the car’s side panel. A swage line is present in the side of the car near door locks. This part is mainly vulnerable to collision. Dents due to collisions in these areas cause a sharp dent. There is nothing to worry about swage dent as you can get it repaired by a professional dent doctor in Garden City.

2. Hail dent

Hail storms are frequent in the United States. A report from NOAA suggests that there were more than five thousand hailstorms in 2019. Hail storm causes severe damage to a car’s roof and other parts. Hail dents are not deep and could be repaired with paintless dent repair.

3. Creased dent

A creased dent occurs when any object gets dragged along the side of the vehicle. The most vulnerable area is the side part of the car. These dents need instant attention as the dent can cause further damage to the car if ignored.

The above dents are commonly found in any car, but there could be some other dents also in case of minor accidents. Discover how you can repair these dents.

How to repair these dents?

A paintless dent repair expert in Queens can repair small to medium-sized dents with a paintless dent repair technique. You can find one such expert at Steve’s Paintless Dent Repair. Bring your dented car, and these experts will turn it brand new. They use special techniques and tools to restore the car in original factory condition.

Steve’s Dent Repair has rendered its service for 15 years, repairing every size dents. Our experts have exceptional abilities to perform paintless dent repair methods in Queens. You can maintain your car in good shape at an affordable price with us.